What Our Customers Say About BigDrum

Your rapid response when our traffic spiked and our users started to experience slow response times was crucial to our business needs. Thank you for keeping us up and running during the transition to the new server set-up, allowing our advisors to maintain their appointments and deadlines.
- Michelle Stipp, DeVry University

Standard Hosting Packages

BigDrum offers three hosting plans to meet a variety of Internet needs. Because no two clients are alike, we will work with you to find the best solution for your web and application server requirements. Our email service is available as an addition to your hosting, or as a stand-alone service, allowing you to outsource this mission critical business communication tool. Our state-of-the-art spam and virus filtering system will ensure that you receive the email you need to keep your business operating efficiently.

  Dedicated Server Hosting Virtual Server Hosting Shared Server Hosting
Disk Space 50+ GB 5 GB 1 GB
Server Memory 1 - 4 GB 2 GB 2 GB
Bandwidth 100+ GB 50 GB 8 GB
Web Hosting Accounts 10+ 5 1
IP Address Dedicated Dedicated Shared
Operating System FreeBSD/Linux/Windows FreeBSD/Linux/Windows FreeBSD/Windows
Control Panel Available Available Available
Database Configured to your requirements MySQL, PostgreSQL MySQL, PostgreSQL
Scripting Support Configured to your requirements .NET 2, CGI, Perl, PHP, Ruby .NET 2, CGI, Perl, PHP, Ruby
Blog Software Configured to your requirements Moveable Type, WordPress Moveable Type, WordPress
Server Stats Yes Yes Yes
Price * Contact Us $150/month $55/month

*All hosting fees are billed quarterly in advance.

Email Service

Includes POP and IMAP service, mail administration account access, and individual web mail, filtering and account management access.

Number of Accounts Monthly Fee
1 - 7 $15
8 - 19 $1.95 per account
20 - 49 $1.75 per account
50 - 99 $1.55 per account
100+ Contact Us