What Our Customers Say About BigDrum

Your rapid response when our traffic spiked and our users started to experience slow response times was crucial to our business needs. Thank you for keeping us up and running during the transition to the new server set-up, allowing our advisors to maintain their appointments and deadlines.
- Michelle Stipp, DeVry University

Dependable Network Connectivity That Drives Your Online Business

The BigDrum network is connected to the Internet access through two data centers - Portland, Oregon and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our network utilizes multiple Tier 1 backbone providers for geographic diversity, including Cogent, TW Telecon and XO. We use multi-homed architecture, utilizing BGP to determine fastest Internet routes. This network and geographic redundancy ensures the highest network availability, allowing BigDrum to deliver consistent 99.99% unplanned downtime, and protects against individual network problems and physical line interruptions or outages.

System security is anchored around an enterprise-class Cisco firewall architecture. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures compliance with the latest patches, upgrades, and anti-virus protections. Our system administrators continually monitor firewall logs and scan for known attack patterns to identify potential vulnerabilities before they are breached. Server operation is monitored remotely, and failure or a service interruption will generate immediate notification to Bigdrum support personnel.

The server hosting locations are physically protected by alarmed, controlled access with video surveillance. Staff is on premises 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Electricity is processed and modulated for safe electronic use; UPS battery backup and quick-starting propane generators provide guaranteed power in case of electrical grid failure.