What Our Customers Say About BigDrum

Your rapid response when our traffic spiked and our users started to experience slow response times was crucial to our business needs. Thank you for keeping us up and running during the transition to the new server set-up, allowing our advisors to maintain their appointments and deadlines.
- Michelle Stipp, DeVry University

Answers to Common Hosting Questions

Do you have "State of Art" Data Centers?

Yes - The BigDrum hosting environment is located in two geographically separate data centers in Portland, OR and Philadelphia, PA. Each data center provides redundant levels of security, power, environment controls and Tier 1 backbone providers to ensure the highest level of performance.

Do you offer 24x7 support?

Yes - Our server and network support team is available 24x7 via phone, email and online support.

Is your team trained and knowledgeable to troubleshoot issues?

Yes - All members of the BigDrum technical support team are trained, seasoned professionals, with appropriate certification across the team.

What happens if the server my site experiences a hardware failure?

You should never experience a major down time because of a hardware failure. Both our cluster and load-balanced server environments are designed to ensure easy failover in case of a hardware problem. Replacement equipment will be managed in a time efficient manner to ensure compliance with the hosting agreement.

How do you manage service requests?

BigDrum uses an online communication system to communicate all client requests. Dedicated server clients are given access to this sysem, as well as secure access to server reporting. Any billing issues are handled via phone or email, based upon the hosting agreement.

How do you approach server & software patching?

We monitor all patching announcements and alerts for the servers and application that we support. We evaluate each patch for its security impact, effectiveness and potential for conflict before it is applied to a system. This ensures unintended consequences that might lead to a system failure.

What is your disaster recovery process (backup/restore)?

The BigDrum network provides full daily and weekly back-ups for a rolling 52-week period on a separate storage server, allowing for prompt restoration of data when needed.